Basic Instructions for Natural Hair Maintenance

Here are the natural ways on how to maintain your natural hair and avoid from being damaged. Sometimes hair looks to dry and sometimes hair looks messy. However, unnatural hair are prone to hair damage. This is because the unnatural ways in taking care of hair gives negative effect to the hair.

Trim your hair every three months. Even if you do not heat your hair, it is natural that some hair strands will run into split ends. So to make hair looks healthy, it should be trimmed every three months.

Comb your hair gently and straightly.The theory of use and disuse may be applied in combing your hair. If you do not comb your hair in a straight and consistent manner, then your hair will be messy. Actually, if you comb your hair straightly and well, then your hair will be straight. Otherwise, it will not be alright to look at.

Do not use dryer or hair iron. These tools are heating the hair which is the cause of hair split ends. Heat of the day makes the hair dry and results to split ends. Hair drying and hair straightener.


Do not use too much shampoo and cream. Shampoo and cream will remove the natural oil of the hair. This is why use enough shampoo to clean the scalp only.

Avoid too much chemicals. Nowadays people will use chemicals to straighten forcefully the hair to curl or to color it. However, these cause damage on the hair and these cause the hair to die, it will loose its life though it you will still have a hair.