Why Women Suffer more from Hair Loss than Men

According to research study, one out of four women suffer from hair loss. Then, how many women exists in the world? Among those women, how many suffer from it? What are the problems associated with this? We don’t know exactly the number of women that exists in our world today. But it is sure that the population is numerous. If, for instance, the number is around 7 million, and one out of four women suffers from hair loss, then the number would still be great.

What are the main causes of hair loss? If we are able to know the reason, then we can at least prevent it, isn’t it? In the above infographic, the reasons were shown. Let’s understand these reasons one by one.

Heredity. Each of us inherit different traits from our parents. Aside from this, our physical appearance depends on the genes we inherit from both our father and mother. Actually, hair loss, which is a big problem of many women is caused by androgenetic alopecia (genetic hair loss). So, this problem can be inherited.

Stress. When we are too much stressed, we can suffer from hair loss. If stress continue to happen, hair loss will become worst. Watch out!

Illness. Usually, when a person suffers from the critical stage of cancer, he or she will also suffer from hair loss later.

Poor Nutrition. Where do nutrition come from? Isn’t it from the food we eat? So, if a person don’t eat healthy foods, he or she will have a poor nutrition that will lead him or her to suffer hair loss.